Arts In Education

WMAAC Arts In Education brings our passion & professional teaching artists to your school!

With the introduction of the Common Core standards, we understand that the focus on curriculum development is shifting towards integrating the standards into all areas of study, and on emphasizing results rather than means. In streamlining, the arts are often shortchanged.

In a recent DOE survey on Arts Education in Public Elementary Schools, it was discovered that while 94% of elementary schools offer music, and 83% offer visual arts, only 3% of public elementary schools offer dance and 4% offer theater. Without dance and theater, students can miss out on opportunities to perform; opportunities that build self confidence, develop public speaking skills, increase students aptitude for creative problem solving, and provide schools with an occasion to share the talents of their students with the greater community.
WMAAC Arts In Education seeks to fill this gap in arts education with an engaging, diverse, and tailor made set of residency programs that offer in school classes to local elementary and middle schools. We aim to help schools diversify their programing and enhance their ability to meet common core standards by integrating these standards into our creative and physical performing arts classes.

WMAAC Arts In Education is currently offering or has offered programming at the following schools:

  • PS 17
  • PS 18
  • PS 19
  • PS 31
  • PS 34
  • PS 84
  • PS 110
  • Greenpoint Beacon at MS 126
  • PS 250
  • MS 380
  • MS 577
  • Brooklyn Arbor

Contact AIE@WMAAC.COM for more information.