Creative Ballet, Ballet and Pre-Pointe/Pointe

Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and from our youngest movers to our teens, it is an essential art form to study and learn.

Creative Ballet IA/IB: The introduction to the joy of Ballet for our youngest movers! Through the exploration of dance concepts, music, rhythm, basic ballet positions and vocabulary, dancers will create and move through the studio using fun and imaginative class themes. From slow, heavy movements through the enchanted woods to light, jumping spins in the magic safari, dancers will use their natural vibrant imagination in conjunction with their evolving ballet foundation to develop strength, agility, body awareness and self-confidence.

Ballet IA/IB: Adding on and enhancing the creative ballet foundation, Ballet I takes dancers to the next phase of their learning. Additional ballet positions are appropriately integrated along with more challenging arm and leg skills standard in the technique. Dancers will begin learning about the use of the ballet barre during warm up, develop skills increasing their endurance, flexibility and strength as well as broadening their self-expression and imagination as they’re lead through themed sequences calling for creativity, presentational skills and ballet technique.

Ballet II: This is an intermediate level class for students with the focus, discipline and interest in progressing all of their dance techniques through a strong ballet base (minimum 2 years of ballet required). Students must be well behaved and show appropriate class etiquette. Class begins with a classic barre, followed by center work, across the floor, finishing with jumps and leaps. Dancers will be evaluated for consistency in their ability to remember and demonstrate all covered vocabulary. Each class will also support and strengthen dancers creative and artistic performance quality, dynamics and musicality through conceptual based sequences aimed at enlarging the way they perform dance technique (or steps). Standards and curriculum become more challenging and increasingly complex over the session/year. Additionally, at the Director’s discretion, dancers showing technical and behavioral readiness may be invited to join Pre-Pointe class.
Ballet III: This is an intermediate/advanced class for students with 3 or more years of ballet. Our highest level and most focused class, this is for the serious, self motivated ballet student interested in challenging and expanding their knowledge. Dancers will be asked to execute more complex sequences, diligently work on increasing flexibility, strength and the ability to self-correct as well as well thought out artistic decisions and performance execution. Standards and curriculum become more challenging and increasingly complex over the session/year. Additionally, at the Director’s discretion, dancers are evaluated and may be invited to join the Pre-Pointe or Pointe class.
Pre-Pointe & Pointe: By invitation based on readiness and behavior, dancers in pre-pointe begin with specific strengthening exercises that will eventually (between 1-3 years) lead them to going on pointe. Pre-pointe takes place predominately at the ballet barre with some center exercises aimed at future pointe work. Dancers in pointe class have already progressed through pre-pointe and are ready to begin the process of going on pointe. Proper alignment and strength are the cornerstones of this class. As dancers show consistent established technique and placement, they will be given more challenging work to master. All dancers in pre-pointe or pointe must be taking no less than 2 ballet technique classes a week. This is a non-performing class.